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Take the first step to your new Celebrated life. If you have tried everything to bring desired changes in your life but your fears, confusion and lack of understanding and knowledge have always held you back, than this is the place for you. We Provide all-in-one advanced online training and Personal excellence Program for creating Extraordinary Life and wellbeing.

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Rewire Academy is one of the most modern and sophisticated Academy of Peak Performance. We provide most interactive online result based courses on most important areas of life.

Whether you’re a total beginner, a student, experienced business owner or Salaried Individual, ReWire Academy courses will help you master the skills; you require in order bringing changes in your life so as to handle current serious dilemmas of personal or professional life.

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Introducing ReWire Peak Performance Master Program


If you are struggling in your life,
you are struggling with following six core problems of modern life:

You Lack Good Learning Skills

You want to excel in life. You know thing in superficiality but when it comes to details, you fail. You are trying to learn things but speed of learning is too slow.

You have too many Thoughts

You got too many ideas along with too many fears and confusion. You don’t where to start? You feel confident and sure at one point of time and unsure confused at other! You are not able to think in one direction.

Lack of ability to Lead

Ability to lead is must in a world where nothing depends on you only. Ability to influence and getting influenced is key to successful business and life.

Lack of Understanding of Business and Finance

We all are do business and finance is like blood in our life. Understanding business and finance is must and you cannot excel in life unless you have through understanding of its principles.

You don’t know Why of Human Behavior

Understanding human behavior is not choice. You fail or succeed in life on the basis of your understanding of human behavior, why people do what they do?

You are not using Technology to its fullest potential

You are not tech Savy and is unable to understand modern day technical Social Platform, internet and business tools which may help you to act more efficiently.

You lack good ideas

You want your own business but you don’t know what it should be. You don't know how to come up with good, viable ideas that are really profitable? You find all the good ideas are already taken!

You are dealing with Personal Issue

You are have bad relationships which have your ruined life , or you want to get rid of any unwanted habit and addictions in your life, or you want to know how to deal with grief, illness and loss.


ReWire Peak Performance Master Program walks you through exactly what you need to understand,
know and — most importantly — DO in order to Live your Dream Life!

To live a life of your choice you need to know and understand certain important things and we are here to train you on that.
Rewire Peak Performance Program is exceptionally deep and hits the root cause of your mediocrity. This program is not an isolated program on any one aspect of working.It doesn’t prepare only rather it is designed to launch you into your dream world effortlessly and bring such changes in your Mind & body that it become impossible for you not to succeed.
In short this is not a teaching, we here to train you to win. This Program is designed and developed to train you on following Modules.

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Before you put efforts to learn anything in life it is most important for you to understand how you learn things in life. You will learn about brain and processes involved in our learning. This is going to give you easy access to various learning techniques, used by every peak performer in different fields of life. Understand Human Memory and how to use it efficiently. Know what is procrastination and how to handle it. Learn how to train your brain on effortless ways to learn new & difficult things consistently with best use of time. Be better at anything and turbocharge your learning.
What are our Thoughts. Why what and how do we think. How thoughts are at the root of our behaviour. Why do we believe in so many weird things? What are the processes involved in formation of opinion, beliefs and how do we make decisions. Understand Power of belief and develop capacity to change belief system. Understand how our thoughts feeling behaviours are affected by the actual or implied presence of others. Know resilience and optimism along developing capacity to jump from helplessness to mastery orientations. How understanding of science of thinking can help you make better decisions and improve critical thinking by valuing data over experience.
Develop understanding of most unpredictable and difficult aspect of life, Human behavior, why do people do what they do? Understand how people think about themselves and other people and what motivates their behaviour along with learning ways to influence others and be influenced by others. Learn Motivation and how to use it to drive performance. Understand Art and Science of Relationships.
Understand your body, mind and soul as systems of energy. Develop capacity to experience joy in everything you do. Evolve Love and respect as way of your life. Understand your body nutrition and learn new food habits. How Yoga and Exercise can transform your body and change your energy levels for greater life experience.
Understand communication from a very new and deep perspective. Develop capacity to communicate effectively in different roles of life. Understand physiology, psychology and neuroscience of communication and use them to transform your relationships and develop trust and hope. Learn specific tools and techniques of effective body language. Completely change your look to match it with your best life. The Importance Of Tone Of Voice And Why You Should Get It Right. Understand and learn English language and express effectively.
Understand leadership and how you are a leader in everyday life. Understand emotions and Develop capacity to control emotions along with using them in a desired way to develop and handle relationships. What is emotional intelligence and how it connected to effective leadership. What are physiological and psychological processes involved in leadership and the neuroscience behind it. How hope and compassion can help you build great relationships. How you can work effectively in teams and handle difficult conversations, How to exercise effective influence in group settings.
Develop your entrepreneurial mind set and skill sets, learn how to bring innovations to market, and craft a business model to successfully launch your new business or re-launch your existing business. Understand the fundamentals of business management and their application in real world situations. Understand branding and Develop compelling brand that inspire your most critical stakeholders and impact your bottom line. Understanding who your customers are and what they need and want is at the heart of successful marketing strategies. Analysis of business problems and developing solutions using business tools. Understand organizational behavior and learn to manage people. Understand business analytics and transform data into better decisions. Understand opportunities and Quantitative Foundations for International Businesses.
Understand the fundamentals of finance, emphasizing their application to a wide variety of real-world situations spanning personal finance, business decision-making, and financial intermediation. Understand and learn the technical skills needed to analyse financial statements and disclosures for use in financial analysis, and learn how accounting standards and managerial incentives affect the financial reporting process. Understand the Tax system and learn reporting processes. Develop capacity to apply Key concepts like time value of money, risk-return trade-off, cost of capital, interest rates, retirement savings, mortgage financing, auto leasing, capital budgeting, asset valuation, discounted cash flow analysis, net present value, internal rate of return, hurdle rate, payback period.
Learn Fundamentals of computer and its technology and develop capacity to use it efficiently. What is internet and its opportunities. Acquire complete understanding of how to positively use internet in everyday life. Understanding social networks and communities, emphasizing their optimal use for your brand and life.
Learn Career Brand Management and differentiate yourself from your competition and achieve a competitive advantage. learn how to think strategically and professionally about your career self-management. Develop and strengthen the functional component of your career brand. How to use strategic marketing and personal branding techniques for designing, enhancing, and promoting your professional image.

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How it Works

ReWire Peak Performance Master Program is not an ordinary online program, It’s dynamic program delivered through cutting edge technology based online methods where students are systematically trained through video lectures, Short Films, Printable PDF Booklets or audio Lectures. Course is strategically divided into ten modules, where each module is divided into various submodules. Just Like in any other class, students are required to make their own notes, complete assignments and clear tests and final completion examinations.

Each modules inside the Peak Performance Master program will be focused on important area of life ie. Career, business, health, relationship and spirituality.


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Unlock your true potential and creativity with ReWire Peak Performance Student Program, which is available to Students at a discounted fees for a limited time .


Rewire master program is original and one of its kind, Personal excellence Program, which touches every aspect of a Human life, and discusses proven Techniques to inspire and motivate individuals.

Enacting Learning

In addition to high-quality Video ,we offer Participant to proactively engage in putting new knowledge into practice and to assess their own progress, with the help of practice activities, self-assessments, and graded assessments.


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