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rewire super100 program

ReWire Medica

Rewire Academy has been consistently working on health related programs and our objective has always been a healthier life with minimum health care expenses. We have been trying evolve a program to reduce health care expenses and we are happy to present an unique Prepaid Medicine Plan which will bring your medicine costs flat 50% down. With this program you will be getting minimum two years of medicine free of cost. Yes this is true, two years of your all medicine completely free.

It is a well designed medicine program which take care of your monthly prescribed medicine requirements in a much cost effective way leading to significant savings with the added convenience of receiving medicine at your door step every month.!

We deliver High quality and genuine medicines, stored and handled in optimal conditions across India. Our aim is to make Medicine availability across India extremely accessible and completely affordable.

rewire super100 program

How it Works?

ReWire Medica Plan encourages patients to calculate their expected cost of prescribed Medicine requirement every month and buy ReWire Medica pre-paid medicine plan accordingly.

Now Buyer of our prepaid plan can then be assured of receiving his/her medicines every month for the next four years without any hassle.

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ReWire Heart Safe Program

It is a unique program which can help you in living a heart healthy lifestyle effortlessly.

Program is designed and developed with the help of Cardiologists, fitness experts, Nutritionists and Yoga & Meditation experts. It is designed to change you food, level of activity and level of stress in your life. The Program is now open for Pre-Booking.

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