ReWire Academy is a Research based online peak performance academy that trains people to become super performers.
ReWire Academy is the Brain Child of renowned performance coach Awadhesh Shukla, Who is Master of his Craft.
It is designed to be completed in one year.
Yes we have limited seats.
Yes we do select our trainees based on internal procedure.
You will receive a formal communication from ReWire.
You will be refunded your money within a week.
Once your application is accepted, you are provided with a login ID and password. You can access our programs through a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile. You just need internet connectivity. ReWire delivers its courses through world class online learning management system.
No. It is available in English only.
Well, some knowledge of computer and internet is needed. However if you don’t know, our local team will train you on that.
You can pay us online through major credit or debit cards or through internet banking. You can also pay us by cash (if permitted under the law) or Cheque.
Sure, you can gift our program to someone and we will make your gift really special.
Yes, we do provide some occasional discounts but as of now there is no discount available.
No. ReWire Programs are not motivational. In-fact we at ReWire believe that motivation is very superficial and temporary, our programs are total transformational. They are designed and developed to bring life long changes through brain plasticity.
ReWire programs are online programs. They are delivered to you through Online Learning Management System. So you are not required to travel anywhere. You just need internet and one computer or laptop or mobile or tablet and you can access our program anywhere anytime you wish.
We do offer corporate group package plan for minimum 10 members. However we don’t offer any family package as of now.
Your information is absolutely wrong. In fact online programs are far more effective and efficient than class room programs. Online classes are developed in a conditioned environment and only a perfect lecture is delivered to you. Where as in physical classes, it depends on the mood of your teacher or trainer and you have no option of attending the same class again if you wish to. In case of online programs you can go through a class as many times as you want, pause it to think and understand. Online classes are the future and they don’t need you travel one hour to attend a class of an hour.
When you sign in for ReWire Program, We talk to you over phone about your goals which you wish to achieve through our program. We also ask you to make a video and tell us everything you want to change in your life. After a thorough analysis, our team helps you formulate your goals, for example your goals may be growth in your income, weight loss, better Health condition, excellent command over language and better family life… etc. Once you have decided on your goals, you are assigned your personal trainers who talk to you on weekly basis and guide you. So all your personal trainers will talk to you online or over phone on weekly basis and will solve any of your queries /problems with ongoing module.
You need not to worry about your English skills. One of the main goals of this program is to help you speak and write effortless English. So this is not a problem at all.
No. Our Programs are delivered through Video training sessions, which are specifically designed to train your brain whereas YouTube videos are just videos. All Training Videos are scientifically created to help you change your brain patterns. Each video brings so many changes in your brain and its patterns. Over a period of time these small pattern changes will become big and permanent.
Do you really think you have achieved everything and no goal is left in your life? In that the case this program is not for you. However if you have something to change in your life and still some goals to be achieved, this program is for you.
Well, we think you need this program most! This program can change every aspect of your job and family life for positive. If you want to perform better at your job, move to a better job or better salary, become better spouse or better parent, this program can not only help do all of the above. This is a sure way to become better at everything you do. We at ReWire believe that every one of us has so much left to experience in life and we train you to have those beautiful experiences of life which can only be created by a better you.
Well in that case, first goal of your life must be to manage enough funds to fund ReWire Training. If you don’t have enough money to enroll for ReWire program, believe us, you need it like medicine. If you want to change your current financial conditions and become capable of paying for everything you want, you must get it. Make it your first goal as rest depends on this.
Thousands of people are enrolling for our programs and most of them come from big cities. We think that all these people have already answered this question by showing their trust on ReWire. Be sure of one thing, if you complete our program, you will not be the same, because ReWire Programs are designed & developed to rewire your brain! We are here not to sell but to change lives.
Well, you are not right. Our programs are famous among people who serious to change their lives and experience true success.
Our programs are super effective for all above 12 years of age. However one can take our programs for any age. ReWire Programs are not typical online video based programs. Our programs are dynamic and designed as per your age and goals.
I am sorry but as of now we don’t offer any money back guarantee as of now.
I am really sorry but as of now we have only one time payment option.
No. ReWire Programs are dynamic and constantly being upgraded. You get 24 months access to our program.
Yes. You are provided with some study material.
You will self evaluate your progress with the help of your trainers. Our program is based on mile stone methodology which clearly records your progress.
Yes, you are provided with a certificate along with a letter of appreciation.
Yes, you have to finish the program within 24 months. After 24 months you will need to re-enroll.
Yes, up to two years you can login into your account and access any of the course material.
No, Program is well designed and if you have any query related to any topic, it is resolved by your personal trainers. However, if you wish to meet Mr. Awadhesh Shukla, you have to book a paid appointment unless offered otherwise.