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rewire super100 program

ReWire Super 100

ReWire Super 100 is a unique program designed for students who want to Score above 95% in their 12th exam and turbo charge their life thereafter.

The Program is designed and developed to help our selected 100 students score maximum marks in their 12th CBSE BOARD EXAMS and come out as part of top 1% students who appear for this exam.

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rewire super100 program

How it Works?

The Program is designed, developed and delivered by the experts. The Core of the program is the Science of Learning, how students learn and how can we use this science for greater results.

Educators are not simply subject experts, They have been trained in The Science of Learning. Our Educators connect the science of learning with their respective subjects and make sure that the ultimate goal of optimizing learning is achieved through various scientific tools and techniques.
We are sure you must be curious to know more how our program works, but this is our top secret recipe for success, which is revealed only to our selected students.

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Rewire Super 100 is the most comprehensive result based course for CBSE Aspirants.
Details of Program are as follows:


Program fees: 10,00,000.00 INR (excluding taxes and other expenses)

Mode of Training

The Program is conducted through strategic online as well as physical classes.

Any Travel Required

Physical classes are conducted in Delhi and students are required to travel and stay in Delhi for a specific period of time. However, our classes never impact their school presence and involvement.

Do we have Boarding Facility?

NO. You have to make your own arrangements when you come for classes in Delhi NCR. However, we provide pickup and drop facility from anywhere in Delhi NCR.

Does it matter where do I live and study

NO. Once you have become part of this program, you don’t anything else to make it great at the board exams. The Program is the most comprehensive training and Teaching program and your school and the city you live in would not have any impact on your performance.


The Program is two years long and best time to join is just after 10th exams.


The Program is completed in English language and is only available to English medium students.


The Program is available only for students with science stream.


Our Program not only helps you score super high grades in the 12th board exams, it is designed to change your brain and your personality. In fact, it is so power that it completely transforms you into genius student, which incredibly helps you in your future academic challenges and career.

How do we choose our super 100?

Our selection process is very scientific and secret. We do not reveal any information about it. It’s our internal process and we choose the best clay to be put on the potter’s wheel.

How can I apply?

Parents can only make an Application. Fill-up the Form and Show your Interest. We will get back to with the further details.

Is it first come first serve basis?

NO. We choose our students very carefully and through a very scientific process.

Is it easy to get admission in this program?

One word answer is NO. You can understand on your own how many students will apply for a program, which gives them surety of scoring above 95%. Thousands of students apply for our program and we select only one hundred students who become proud member of this super scientific learning journey.

What is the guarantee?

We are so sure about our program that our Program comes with 100% money back guarantee. If any of our students score less than 90% in 12th CBSE BOARD EXAMS, we refund 100% money. We just need your final board exam result and if it is less than 90%, there is no other question need to be asked, within a week you get all your money paid back in your account.

Is it ethical?

Absolutely. Our program is not any shortcut and illegal tool to score higher grades. The program is designed and developed to help your child transform his/her learning abilities.

Is it very Tough Program?

The simple answer to this question is YES. Successful completion of our program requires you to do really hard work. However, like all other programs of ReWire, it is based on brain training and transforming our students into effortless leaners. So most your hard work becomes fun learning experience.

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Super 100

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Each and Every Moment of your Life, is created by your brain and the Stories it tells you!


rewire academy heart safe program

ReWire Heart Safe Program

It is a unique program which can help you in living a heart healthy lifestyle effortlessly.

Program is designed and developed with the help of Cardiologists, fitness experts, Nutritionists and Yoga & Meditation experts. It is designed to change you food, level of activity and level of stress in your life. The Program is now open for Pre-Booking.

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